Primpy is all about you have to be yourself!

Primpy PersonApp Stylist, the idea arises from the English verb “to primp” and is the answer to all your Hamletic doubts about wardrobes.

It’s a new virtual community that allows you to share outfits and more. In fact, you can create, put in the closet, classify, and comment on all of them. Discover the latest trends, buy the suggested items, or ask a friend or expert for help so you’ll always be looking cool!

There are only a few easy steps to create your “My Primpy” profile, where you can compose the “Drawers” of “My Closet” and be updated in real time about the looks of your network. And there’s even PrimpyMAG, the online magazine with a social and creative soul, that talks about fashion and mixes brands, ideas, people, and lifestyle. Everything with a light and contemporary note.

Whether you’re a compulsive hoarder, compulsive consumer, chronically anxious or rational, Primpy is the answer, because on Primpy there’s everything.  From the office dress code to the unforgettable party dress, from the streetstyle to the formal look, from the perfect outfit to find your significant other to the one in which you may break up, because who knows, maybe you want to be single at the event of the year!