Primpied by Luciano Russo

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Fasten your seat belt and the style takes off

Primpy helped you to pack, but what happens later?

Departure is like the beginning of a relationship. Details make a difference, so avoid any bad experience.

Bear in mind “The Terminal”, a cult movie directed by Steven Spielberg in 2004 with Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Vacations are coming and even security check at the airport, everybody counts on comfort…NOT me. Look matters even at the boarding gate especially if you’re single and travel in business class or superior. Also in economy class, you could meet someone nice but probably your story will end when it’s time to pay the check after the first dinner together (split!). Misers are always around the corner, don’t trust in short men… sooner or later, Napoleon complex will arise.

Apart from men, 5 items to count on – in addition to the bellhop – are:

The hand luggage, designer suitcase of course. Pay attention because DIMENSIONS matter, in this case no more than 55 cm. Keep in mind that you’re investing money even for the future. Your luggage says a lot about you, it knows you better than your psychotherapist. Therefore, facsimiles are absolutely FORBIDDEN, and everything screams I’d like but I can’t. The only Tarocco I tolerate is the Sicilian blood orange.

By the way, you’ve three emergency exits:

  1. Goyard, to express class, refinement but mainly a demanding personality;
  2. Louis Vuitton, if you want to win easily. Everybody knows it and it’s the more photogenic pattern. Look at my suitcase or at the Ferragni’s ones. Logo is back, and I’ve never been so happy. Stand out, always.
  3. Prada, travelling in Teflon means comfort and is very radical chic. I’ve a precious suitcase but don’t care about it, and Mrs. Miuccia knows it. She built her fortune according to this philosophy.

Sunglasses, it depends if you’re leaving or coming back.

Sunglasses are part of your look, like the underwear.

Dark is better! Mystery makes easier to find your prey at the airport! You can observe without being exposed.

Women should choose the most fashionable sunglasses, the ultimate trendsquare shaped or cat-eye, aviator or round, it’s the first item that talks about you.

For men it’s easier, aviators by Ray-ban or, for the most stylish ones, by Linda Farrow. Here the charm.

The bag, some women use always the same and other ones change it almost every day. When you create your look for the airport, say no to the mix of logos. Either it’s the same or it’s a mess.

If the luggage has a visible logo, for your bag rely more on the hides and the shape.

Which are the ones that you can perfectly coordinate? Birkin and Kelly by Hermès, Phantom by Céline, 2.55 by Chanel, Weekender by Balenciaga and Rockstud by Valentino.

For men, the rule doesn’t change. Either the overnight case or the backpack must belong to the same brand or be basic but with style.

Shoes are a delicate subject.

Some sneakers shouldn’t allow you to pass the security check.

You’re committing a fashion crime.

I always suggest a pair of biker boots, slips-on or mules for her.

For him, sneakers (not all kinds) or slips-on. In this period, I prefer mules because they’re comfortable like slippers and what if your feet swell? You can take them off in one second.

The hat, the bigger…the better. The only geometry rule I remember and apply in the real life. The hat basically has two functions:

  1. to enrich the look and make it more sophisticated,
  2. to hide the hair that sometimes is pretty messy, especially when you catch the first flight of the day and can’t put on a wig.

For everything else there’s the private jet, in this case you can wear whatever you want…if you’re on board, you don’t need to flirt with anybody (except with the one is paying)!