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Power is fashionable!


Primpy tells you what you should wear to be perfect on and under the desk!

Back to work after summer holidays is like when your partner chooses the wrong engagement ring and you are forced to keep it, smile and put it on every day.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a formula that allows us to get whatever we want, so the only way to get rid of it is to change…your partner or, in this case, your job.

But like in a sad story, you have to breathe and get a shining armor to appear stronger than the melancholy felt when you think about a Miraval magnum on the beach at Principaute de Mykonos (for example).

That’s September issue…and after you put Valentino’s swimsuits, La Perla’s kaftans and necklaces into the sea bag by Hermès (at least for a while), it’s time to fasten your double-breasted coat and start again your daily routine.


Which are the trends of the year?

Well, according to me and Primpy, POWER is fashionable.

Power is wearable and there’s nothing more sensual, we can compare it only to the garter belt: clothes are the first way to deliver a message about you, even before you talk!

It’s the power to communicate who you are and mainly who you want to be, because our look at work says more than what you can imagine (uniform aside).

If you follow my advices, you will forget about shabby mood and random looks.


Be focused on a character and try to be inspired. Do you need an example?

 Elizabeth Sloane played by Jessica Chastain.

 Miss Sloane is the most awaited character of the next cinematographic season and do you know why I love her?

Because she’s a cynic, ambitious and really determined woman. She could appear almost unpleasant but is successful and her looks are always perfect.

Your office is the ring where you fight the most important battles and everything is allowed…if you aren’t insane and didn’t come back after holidays dressed in a pair of shorts.

Bear in mind your style and even the one of the company or the organization where you work in: they have to be able to complement each other. All diktats about colors match are almost cancelled, but except you work at the circus, don’t mix more than three shades.

So, keep the equilibrium that you can achieve only when in a relationship there’s the lover too.



  1. TAILLEUR, pants or skirt? It doesn’t matter, you’ll be classy. It’s very difficult to get wrong and get yourself into quite some trouble. Two-button jackets (not too short, please!) and the double-breasted jackets by Balmain are perfect. But if you want to be excellent, don’t forget about three magic words: little black jacket, by Chanel.
  2. SHEATH DRESS: every woman should hold it in her wardrobe and at the office the business woman effect is captivating. The most inspiring brand? Dolce & Gabbana. Pay attention to your figure and straps. LEAVE SPAGHETTI IN THE POT, or make them for a cocktail party.

  • SHIRT, the androgynous lesbo-chic look has a great sex appeal especially in the work environment. Wear a beautiful white shirt with denim flared jeans and pumps without plateau, of course. Tilda’s rules
  • PENCIL SKIRT, to wear a skirt is the way to demonstrate that you don’t need to be dressed like a man. A woman that feels feminine and sexy conveys power and ease. I suggest high-waist ones with back tear. The perfect match? With a belt around the waist and a blouse: that’s the sheath dress effect. The best length is a few inches under the knees, especially if they are not your forte! Be inspired by Victoria Beckham.
  • HEELS are required mainly during the first days at work. Nobody cares about your sad summer sandals you hold in the closet…IGNORE THEM. PROS: better posture, more beautiful legs, natural elegance. Shoes are always a good investment: they must be beautiful and comfortable. NO SNEAKERS!
  • Is that all?

    No, there’s the lingerie! Its mission is helping women to correct flaws and highlight curves. It’s an unalienable human right and must be picked carefully. The best affairs arise at the office. Be always ready, NEVER SAY NEVER.



    Well, be even more but the first impression is important. Don’t get dressed better than your boss, “ABUSE OF POWER” is a risk. Primpy gives you style but can’t give you back your job.


    If you have any doubts about how to put on your best items, ask Primpy #chiediaprimpy!