Primpied by Helena Antonelli


From the movie to your wardrobe

Panic closet, Stop!

Are you obsessed by the perfect look? Does your day begin always in the same way, so looking at your wardrobe? Do you spend more time scrolling the fashionistas’ social profiles than with your boyfriend?

If you recognize yourselves in this short introduction, this is the section for you. It’s time to say STOP to the “closet panic” and leave enough space for the inspiration that arises not only from the catwalks. Yes, there are fashion bloggers, fashion magazines, street style…but in your daily routine, you wonder always the same question: what should I wear today?

The magic word is INSPIRATIONS!

Last weekend I went to the cinema and watched Beauty and the beast, the live action remake of the animation movie based on the fairy tale by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont. What made me dream is not only the love story but mainly the clothes worn by Emma Watson (Belle), a whole collection by Jacqueline Durran. The four dresses are inspired to the French style of XVIII century and immediately gave me the impulse to create some potential practical outfits that follow the trend of Spring/Summer 2017.

The first dress that Belle puts on is a blue dress, it is cozy and basic and connects to DENIM. Everybody has a denim jacket/shirt in the closet. Come on, take it because this item is super fashionable also in this season with a revival inspired to flower children but also to the pop icons and the most extreme trends of urban style.

Flower power! Belle has some flowers embroidered on the bustier of her second outfit but in the Spring/Summer 2017 collection we can find them everywhere. In 2017 flower patterns become graphic elements, they are big and with many chromatic contrast: bright flowers – on a dark or very light background – color long and soft dress, skirts but also jackets and any accessory.

Another trend is the red color as the one of Belle’s cape. Keep in mind this combination: Red + Blue = Perfection. No fear and match each shade of red, the result – I promise – will be amazing!

In the ball’s scene, Belle wears the iconic yellow dress. It’s one of the nuances to put on in spring. It’s a color that gives calmness and liveliness at the same time. Yes, because this color gives also a classic look both positivity and happiness. And so, enjoy gutsy mini-dresses and “Belle 3.0” clothes, trenches and jackets but even a jumpsuit. It’s yellow time!