Primpied by Helena Antonelli


Brenda vs Kelly


Primpy means style, so this week we are going to talk about a new inspiration that arose from Brenda Walsh and Kelly Taylor, protagonists and rivals in Beverly Hills.

In the ‘90s world divided in two universes: Brenda Walsh (Shannen Doherty) and Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth), the brunette and the blonde of the TV series “teen-drama” Beverly Hills, 90210 of course! During the series, the bone of contention between Brenda and Kelly was Dylan (Luke Perry), the beautiful and mysterious guy loved not only by the protagonists but even by an entire generation that followed, from the beginning to the end, this love triangle.

Now, put aside feelings for Dylan because today Primpy is about look: Brenda vs Kelly.

Two icons of style that even now are popular for their looks made of high-waist jeans, jackets with shoulder pads, lace bodysuits and more.

But between Brenda and Kelly, which is the Beverly Hills look you like most?

Nostalgic moment. When Brenda, the “girl from Minnesota”, arrives in Beverly Hills, she modifies her look to adapt to Californian style but shopping at Rodeo Drive is too expensive for her. So, Brenda reinvents her outfits with some mix&matches that make her casual style unique and easy to copy.

Boat-neck bodysuits (often made of lace), maxi shirts and mom pants are the must have items of Brenda together with: vintage striped t-shirt, high-waist denim shorts, vintage belt with an embellished buckle and the batik swimsuit.

Kelly Taylor’s style is completely different. She personifies the stereotype of the blonde, beautiful (and apparently superficial) girl that everybody would like to date. Her beauty queen style is very fashionable, of course. Neither a step forward nor a step back. Designer outfits, mini-skirts, dresses and showy accessories for the sexiest girl of the West Beverly High.

Among her must items there are, without a doubt, the over denim jacket, the floral dress with some bows on the back, the long sleeve blouse with macramé details and the red blazer with one button. And also the jackets with the shoulder pads that give us gooseflesh, even if we lived in the ‘90s.

Well girls, it’s time to take a decision: casual like Brenda or queen like Kelly?