Primpied by Luciano Russo


Chiara, Fedez and I. We love Capri and Capri loves us.


Primpy tells you how to dress during your holidays in Capri.

I’ve always loved Capri, and without a doubt it’s one of my favorite summer destinations. It’s a happy and magical place that matches the Neapolitan richness and the endless beauty of the view, majolica and boats that seem to re-define the perimeter of the sea.

It’s the island where I hope to celebrate my future and CANDID (almost!) wedding…but not only me: Erica Pelosini, Giovanna Battaglia, this year even Feiping Chang and more.

Apart from fabulous weddings, it doesn’t matter if you go there for the weekend, for a month or the whole season: there’s one rule you must follow. Because there’s nothing more beautiful than being in the town square dressed with the right look, and even if you have just a few euros but good taste, go to bar Tiberio, take a seat, order a bottle of water and take a picture…dreaming is still free, even in Capri.

If you have any doubts, ask Primpy #chiediaprimpy and pay attention to my advice about what to wear and where to go.

Luxury living in Capri is a must since the ‘60s, when the charming island became one of the most loved destinations by the international stars.


Which are the basic needs?

Primpy knows it, you can’t survive without: stripes, lace, frills, straw Panama hat, headbands, jewel sandals, showy (but not cheap) accessories. Be rich and romantic, but don’t forget about your soul.

Get on the cab cabriolet, it’s the first step to tasting the sea, the landscape and the lemons, of course…who doesn’t want to do that on holiday?

A dive where the water is bluer, and also the blood.



Apart from skiff or boat, arriving at the beach is always an odyssey, but once you’re there, it’s worth it. While having a walk, going to the beach, reading the newspaper at the poolside, or just taking a picture, put on the total white kaftan, even better if it’s long. Gipsy style, embroidered, crochet, lace or maxi shirt: everything’s allowed. But you can only choose two fabrics: linen and cotton, any acrylic material makes me cringe. Once you showed off the kaftan, the Hermès and Goyard, pick coral and caprese shoes. Be ready by noon, otherwise your reservation at the bathing club won’t be valid anymore. Is that enough? It isn’t, of course. A straw wide-brimmed hat is unavoidable, and bear in mind that the width must be really wide…the brim, actually.

  1. Il Faro, a blue bay, a terrace on the reef, a gourmet restaurant and a wonderful sunset on the sea. The kindness of the owner and the linguine alla puttanesca bianca (linguine in a sauce made from anchovies, black olives and capers) with amberjack fish are the reasons you won’t regret the walk to reach this place.
  2. La Fontelina, is a soul place, born thanks to the effort of many generations. A soft bed made of wet stones kissed by the sea where beauty overwhelms ostentation, where movida means simplicity.
  3. Da Luigi ai faraglioni, the only reason to go is for the sea, and the restaurant of course: it matches a dip into the crystalline water close to the Faraglioni and the lunch on the porch, linguine alla Nerano and zucchini alla scapece.
  4. Il Riccio, the solarium terraces at Il Riccio, where the colors melt into the blue of the sea, are the ideal place to spend the day lying in the sun. What could I say about the restaurant? It is a Michelin-starred one.

The right outfit to suntan is a high-waist bikini, it gives you a more sophisticated aura like a diva in the ‘50s.



If you stay on the beach, your beachwear is enough to enjoy the sunset. Ponder the words and also the fabrics. On the contrary, if you decide that it’s time to go to the town square (the so called piazzetta), Capri pants are the best alternative to replace shorts and skirts. For happy hour, be chic. Only blouses with the Bardot-neckline are allowed, shoulders must be uncovered. Mix them with Capri pants or short and flared skirts, and put flat leather sandals at your feet according to tradition in Capri. And if you can…enjoy blue navy and white stripes, but if you can’t, “play it safe”.

Here, your attitude matters, and as Gianni Agnelli said: “I was going to Capri when the countesses were prostitutes, now that the prostitutes pretend to be countesses, I don’t like it anymore”.

Nothing personal, “verba generalia non sunt appiccicatoria”.

capri aperitivo


You are spoiled with choices when it comes to having dinner or, like people from Naples say, “only wear your nice suit”, and it’ll be a success. In Capri, it’s impossible to eat poorly but unfortunately, it’s possible to wear so. Use transparencies and lengths, it’s very trendy to put on long dresses with sparkling jewel sandals and precious bijoux. Even short dresses are allowed but two conditions are required: beautiful legs and nothing vulgar. The inspirational mood is “a night in Naples”, not “the hangover”.

Strongly suggested:

  1. Ristorante Pizzeria Verginiello  is a unique place where you can spend nice moments thanks to the delicious food.
  2. At Casa Mariantonia there is both the restaurant and the wine bar La Zagara. Two different places to enjoy Capri in two different ways. At lunch, enjoy a cocktail or for dinner there’s always something good to try! The atmosphere is relaxing and cozy…MAYBE TOO MUCH. My favorite dish? Eggplants parmigiana in bread crust, lemon flavored pasta and red prawn tartare.
  3. Aurora, since three generations the D’Alessio family nicely and cordially has managed the restaurant and taken care of traditions. You can’t miss: the “pizza all’acqua” and the “bidone”, a plain pizza stuffed with either endive or figs from Capri and ham.
dinner in capri


The night life in Capri happens in the taverns, places where live music is played, people sing and dance. The most famous one is Anema e Core,really close to the Piazzetta. Or the modern Number one and number two.

You won’t have time to change your clothes after dinner unless you stay at Quisisana, hotel, lucky you!

The dress code at the entrance of many places is very strict! Unfortunately, people are not naturally so stylish, which becomes apparent later on as people randomly appear, like pimples. You’ve been warned so therefore it’s up to you.

What about the Primpy man? Easy and polite: polo and t-shirt in the morning, white shirt in the evening. No jacket, put a sweater on your shoulders and knot it around the neck. At your feet, just moccasins or Capri style sandals. On your wrist? Only watches above 15K, please.

capri disco