Primpied by Luciano Russo


Hollywood regency with a note from Veneto

Primpy: Him, Her and the outerwear


Fashion week gives us many hints and often young designers are the ones the really need to communicate maybe because aren’t slaves to the consumer vision. Fashion must be saved, fashion is a dream and I don’t want to wake up.

My eye goes on one of the few young and independent fashion designers, Christian Pellizzari.

I follow him since the beginning because I’ve always found something decadent and sexy in his creations. It’s like if behind each printed silk tuxedo there’s a parallel world that must be taken out.

It’s like a speakeasy in the era of prohibitionism, because nothing is what appears, everything has a story that waits to be told.

And this time the story begins in California, when your cared designer and your favorite city in the world line up the stars, you can only stand up and scream “I want everything!”


What inspired your collection? Why?

My latest collection is a cocktail of many elements…and since I’m from Veneto, we all know that drinking is a lifestyle. My starting point has been a style called Hollywood regency. It was born in Los Angeles in the ’30s and was used to interpret in an extreme pop way some decorative elements belonging to Italian history.


How did you create the collection?

Starting from this approach, I developed the mood board of the new collection: I picked some masculine sartorial elements, baroque and contemporary ones and remixed them all together. I’m really attached to the cult of the cities, mainly to Venice and Los Angeles. I’m often inspired by these so different places.


In Milan (and not only) especially during the fashion week there’s a struggle: everybody looks for a street style picture for social networks, but many times to be shot or just considered insane, people play the so-called “Steal the item”. Gender fluid: which is the women’s garment that should be found also in men’s wardrobe and vice versa?

In women’s wardrobe there should be always a men tailored jacket, vice versa in men’s wardrobe you should find some girly habits, a detail, an embroidery or a brocade.


We exist to help people to re-use, re-propose and explain how to make modern what you already have and that sometimes, scared by the idea to be ‘too much’ it is hidden in the closet. So, when is it possible to match different patterns? When not?

There aren’t specific rules, many times two opposite patterns can find an equilibrium if well mixed. It’s all about colors and chromaticism. It’s something related to a specific moment, it’s instinctive.


Coat and jackets are the items on the runway that mainly fascinated me, all the tops to be clear. Christian, how much does the outerwear count to create a look?

According to my point of view, it counts a lot mainly in winter collections. I think that it is the presentation of our style…a beautiful outerwear makes important and outstanding our image.

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, fashion is a game, therefore have fun. But remember that each game has its rules, either explicit or tacit.