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Denim shorts, size matters!


Always classy? Follow Primpy’s tips to have a perfect look

They’re one of the timeless summer items and seem to be perfect for many occasions. They’re denim shorts: sexy, comfortable and versatile but even ‘risky’ if you wear them in the wrong way. First rule: to each body its model. Second rule: to each occasion its length. Third rule: to each pair its accessories.

Confused? Ask Primpy #ChiediaPrimpy to clear up! This is a mini vademecum to not be inappropriate and show off your short pants being always very classy.



Denim shorts: which body type?

Spindly? Curvy? Select the right model. If you’re slim and long-limbed, you can put on (almost) whatever you want. Even if denim is a pretty hard fabric, it won’t create any beauty problem on the hips and around the tights. On the contrary, if you’re curvy, it’s better to opt for soft materials that create in any case the jeans effect. The ideal length is just a few over the knee and the regular fit is the best one. Primpy’s advice? Choose a high-waist model to harmonize the silhouette.

Denim shorts: which occasion?

Beach? A walk around the city? Dinner with your friends? Denim shorts are perfect for all these occasions but pay attention to the length. For your day at the seaside you can dare with very short pants (almost culottes) and match them with your bikini or a crop top. Everything changes if you go downtown or attend a cocktail party. Moderate the length and pick a pair of less short…shorts. Some centimeters more, a soft blouse (monochromatic or with a floral pattern) or a striped t-shirt will make your outfit flawless.

Denim shorts: the accessories.

Delicate subject: which kind of shoes should you match? Primpy helps you, dear Cinderella! Thongs and flip-flops, even if comfortable, can be used only on the beach. The perfect shoes are basic and no -heeled. Yes to the sneakers, the espadrillas and Capri sandals.


 shorts in denim, denim shorts



Check the size!

What’s the most common mistake? To choose a wrong size! Primpy suggests you check your measures. Moreover, girls who have a Mediterranean body type should avoid any puffy model to not accent critical points. At the same time, tiny girls have to bear in mind that long and slim legs don’t allow them to wear hot (very hot) pants.

At the right place, always.

Sometimes denim shorts uncover too much, even when it isn’t possible. If you sit down and think there’s no difference between panties and pants, probably you should take into consideration the idea to put on something longer. To not be vulgar, avoid any model that shows your butt or, even worse, that is ripped on your butt cheeks. Primpy’s advice: you mustn’t wear this item to go to the office or to participate in any formal event. Never.

Lap dance? No, thanks!

High heels and plateau don’t exist…unless you want to become a lap dancer. Denim shorts don’t allow any mistake, no exceptions for perfect legs. The only height that in rare cases you can take into consideration is a pair of wedge-heeled sandals in cord or canvas. You can use them to create a folk look only if you put on knee-length pants.



Shorts denim  J brand

DO: Striped T-shirt T by Alexander Wang, Sneakers Church’s, Sandals Cinti, Bag JW Anderson.

DON’T: Top Beth Richards, Heeled-shoes Charlotte Olympia, Belt Fausto Puglisi, Bag Patrizia Pepe.