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Denim total look is fashionable again and becomes a fall trend


Avoid the cheap effect: follow Primpy and choose the best outfit for you

Jeans are like a beautiful fairy tale, timeless and always trendy. You can easily match them and create many different outfits. So, they’re a passe-partout. But denim total look in another story. After fifteen years it’s back on the catwalk, is protagonist of the streetstyle and of course is on Primpy too.

This outfit should be created paying attention because the cheap effect is the first step towards the bad taste… ça va sans dire. Denim total look is one of the fall trends, follow our advices and show it in the best way. The difference between a casual and a random look is not irrelevant. Do you have any doubts? Ask Primpy! #ChiediaPrimpy



Denim total look is perfect for any vintage soul. If you are a nostalgic, choose a pair of classic high-waist mom jeans and tuck in a shirt in the same color. Finish your outfit with colored sneakers and a denim jacket with pins and appliques. You can use this outfit in the morning for any informal occasions, avoid it at office or after the sunset.

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Romantic in jeans? Yes, you can! Skirt must be your choice, even better if it’s long, soft and with a tear. Pick it in a pale shade, add a t-shirt made of a light fabric in pastel tone. White is the winning color. Bolero jacket is the chic note. Accessories are crucial, Primpy’s advice is just one: stand out. Highlight your figure with a pair of heeled shoes, no plateau please. Add a maxi necklace to enrich the décolleté. Wearing this outfit, you’re perfect even for the night. Enjoy a cocktail with friends or a dinner at the restaurant, it’s enough to change bag and jewels to turn yourself into Cinderella at the ball.

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Are you looking for comfort? Denim total look will be your best friend. In addition to the traditional and well-known casual outfit, there’s more. Salopettes and biker boots are the never without items for an extra feminine working look. Forgot about the maxi overalls and enhance your womanliness with an androgynous look. Change the length of your pants, modify the straps and match monochromatic t-shirts. Wear this outfit to hang out with friends and drink a couple of beers. Good even in the morning around the city. Primpy’s advice is a special dispensation to total denim: the ideal jacket? A parka to determinedly face low temperatures.

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