Primpied by Luciano Russo


Pay attention to over weight luggage

Primpy gives you 5 rules for luxury luggage

The suitcase of a man is less complicated than a woman’s, that’s the general rule. Well, it’s more problematic to find a solution for a binomial theorem after two beers than for my suitcase. But after many years spent seeking low cost flights and uncountable frequent flyer programs, I set some rules that represent the “golden rule” of the perfect luggage.

  1. Define the moodboard! Avoid crisis, it’s wasted time…it happens even when you take a wonderful pic but can’t find the right hashtags. So, everything becomes more complicated if you, like me, want to be on holiday for 20 days, and visit three different places in terms of latitude, colors and cultures. Come on, tell me what is the common denominator between Bali, Catania and Mykonos. Packing like this has the same emotional effect of sharing the car with your ex-husband and his new girlfriend: DEVASTATING.


Pick many fits and count more on the Korean neck ones, they are perfect both the morning if you roll up the sleeves and at night matched with slim pants and a pair of espadrilles by Tom Ford. 

2. Shoes! They’re a delicate subject: they’re heavy and have unique potential. I will never be tired of saying that shoes can destroy you more than a financial crisis. Nasdaq or elsewhere, each place has its shoe. 

3. Gucci! It isn’t a brand, it’s a lifestyle. You can create gorgeous looks and crazy mixes even better than the Martinez Brothers. Also Fabri Fibra says that “young girls seduce old men to buy a Gucci bag”…Each one tries to do his best, the proverb says that “the ends justify the means”, or is it the contrary? Well, it’s not my business. 

4. Versatility! Bring with you some items that you can modify according to the styling. Even at primary school, teachers taught us that changing addends doesn’t change the sum. IT ISN’T VALID IN FASHION. To me it’s difficult to wear the same clothing for two seasons, it’s almost impossible to use the same look. A look is like a partner, potentially temporary, like if you followed a circus caravan for a while (18 months, for example), it doesn’t mean that you have to do it forever…You risk being forgotten like the series “Magic circus” by Piero Guidi.

5. The will to fall in love! Last but not least! It’s the most important thing you can bring with you. My biggest problem is that I fall in love with many things and pretty easily. My grandma always told me that “If there’s enough food for one, there’s enough for two”. And when it’s time to break up? Break the chain…and I’m not talking about Chanel’s…

Well, you just need to close your suitcase…and keep up with the Kardashians.