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Dreadlocks mania


Prêt-à-porter Hair

Are you ready for bikini season? If you are shaping up and want to do it in great style, this is the styling for you that love fitness and sport. In fact, today we are talking about the trendiest hairstyles of summer 2017: the Braids!

We saw them on the catwalk during the latest Tezenis fashion show, from the messy to the well-groomed ones, in any case the braid – classic three-strands braid, spike braid, natural or African style braid – is always a trendy accessory to comb the hair and keep the head fresh both if it’s warm on the beach and you work out and sweat.


If you want to achieve a good result, it’s important to choose the right product of course. For the most recent Tezenis fashion show, Calzedonia group relied on Cotril artistic team that was able to create specific hairstyles for the fashion show S/S 2017. The products used to reach the best results belonged to the line Creative Walk: Braid, Untitled, WindSea SaltDust that you can find on Cotril website.


If you have a pointy or round face, avoid the small braid “close to scalp” and choose either natural or soft ones that frame your face, or high braided ponytails. If your face is small or oval, choose little braids that don’t make your face smaller, so enjoy cornrows, chignons and high or low ponytails.

If the face is heart-shaped, and so big forehead and small chin, don’t forget to leave some locks on the face or, even better, the bangs to harmonize.

Since braid is a no-volume styling, it isn’t recommended to girls who have a really long face because it risks drawing more attention to this characteristic.