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Being trendy on August 15th? Here are the looks for your midsummer dream


Celebrate the hottest summer night together with Primpy

A midsummer night’s dream or endless party on Ferragosto? Halfway point is almost here, summer reaches its peak, and August 15th is coming. The 14th night of the month is generally an excuse to party and whether you’re on the beach around the bonfire or at the club, the right outfit matters. If you have any doubts in front of the mirror, ask Primpy #ChiediaPrimpy.

Ferragosto on the beach

It’s very traditional: holidays at the seaside and Ferragosto barefoot on the sand. Whether you like the romantic version with the guitar, and songs like Yesterday and Let it be close to the fire or the disco on the beach, your look has to follow specific rules. You will need your beachwear because a dip in the night is a  must. A maillot is perfect – mostly because it’s a seasonal trend -, especially if matched with a long and soft skirt or with sarong pants. If you prefer the bikini, coordinate it with denim Capri pants and a crop top that slightly uncovers the shoulders. Flat shoes of course, mules or thongs. Also while plastic flip-flops might seem practical, they’re absolutely forbidden…you will need a note of bon ton, more specifically after your fifth mojito!

Ferragosto at the club

You call it New Year’s Eve because the mood is the same. For your Ferragosto at the club, Primpy explains how to avoid the too much effect. Both because it’s summer and because everything is a lot of fun, you may run the risk of being dressed like a chandelier and not being aware of the situation. Enjoy the night with style and add some colored touches. Count on white, the ideal lively tone, but avoid the total white (except if you’re attending a white party!). Put on a miniskirt or a short dress and match them with the trendiest shoes of the season, in other words the block heel sandals. Is there any better occasion to wear them? Moreover, place a flower in your hair to give your outfit a bright touch.

Ferragosto grill & barbecue

Can Primpy go to the U.S.A.? Not necessarily! You can organize a Ferragosto grill & barbecue party anywhere…your mood is what matters (and of course your outfit too!). If your August 14th consists of a barbeque with your friends, the perfect outfit is American style. Denim shorts, t-shirt and oversized checkered shirt (that you can steal from your boyfriend’s closet). Sneakers or a comfortable pair of slip-ons on your feet, as well. Hot dogs, fries, music and practicality. Do you want to be really cool? Primpy suggests you add the classic cap. Probably you’ll think that it’s ‘90s style, but for Americans is a timeless accessory.