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Serena van der Woodsen vs Blair Waldorf


What team do you support? Team Blair or team Serena? On Primpy we talk about looks, of course!

Designer bags, charming dresses and (very high) heels every day: these are the main characteristics of Gossip Girl protagonists, the queens of glamour Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively).

It’s one of the most appreciated TV series of latest years, we are talking about Gossip girl and its It-girls from the Upper East Side, the richest, chic and classy part of Manhattan, just close to Central Park. They’re undisputable fashion icons both in TV and in the real life. These girls – very fashion addicted – enchanted us with their designer dresses, their looks and outfits. It’s a dream for every fashion victim. Blair Woldorf aka Queen B has an elegant and classy style, she prefers soft fabrics, stylish coats and the inevitable headband that creates a sort of crown-effect. Serena van der Woodsen, the blonde and crazy party girl of Manhattan has a modern style. She likes daring pants, mini-dresses, bright and shocking colors. Serena always wears the perfect cloths for every occasion. She knows how to look classy and plain, but knows even the right moment to show off gaudy dresses, matching rock and Boho styles.

On Primpy it’s time to know more about the fashion icons’ outfits from the Upper East Side.


Blair’s look

From the school looks she showed when the protagonists attended the Constance high school, to the brunch ones, Blair, aka Queen B., was well-known for her snob bon ton style. Delicate and soft make up, a natural look able to hide imperfections and highlight good qualities. And then even tricot dresses, sheath dresses, pleated skirts, frills and lace: these are the items that you should always keep in your closet if you want to have a style like Blair Waldorf, the queen of the Upper East Side. Blair’s outfit contributed to bring back to the top the bon ton look like the divas from the past, Audrey Hepburn, for example, is the greatest idol of our “queen bee”. If you don’t want to appear too elegant, mix items in chiffon or satin like balloon sleeve blouses and tight pants with stiletto heels, of course. Put your hair always up.

The touch of class?

A circlet or a headband with a ribbon, perfect if your hair is slightly wavy (don’t worry, you can find many tutorials online!). Make up must suit a queen: your skin must be pale, so use a soft foundation and face powder. Moreover, enhance your eyes with eyeliner and mascara. Dare with a strawberry-red lipstick to give your lips a glamorous note, it’s perfect even for the plainest looks.


Serena’s look

To accent her long legs, Serena van der Woodsen has tons of skinny jeans in her wardrobe and wears them both in the morning and in the night. On the contrary, pants – unlike the jeans – are loose and never comfortable. She loves wearing shorts, tight and colored mini-dresses or mini-skirts and matches them with boots, leather jackets with studs (biker style) or colored patterns, gilets or jackets with sequins. She never forgets about accessories, belts and big bags.

Who said cocktail party?

Serena’s imagination is limitless. Maxi dress, bohémienne style or boho chic, lace, graphics and colored details. Accessories and jewels are big and showy, of course. For your make up use compact foundation and face powder but color your eyes only with black mascara and your lips with neutral tones: simplicity is the rule.


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