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Handy guide to perfect jeans


A pair of jeans is a passe-partout that everybody has in the wardrobe, and nowadays it’s the main character of our daily outfits.

Are we really sure that jeans are appropriate for every look? And are we aware about the model that best fits us?

Every denim pants have its cut, length and suit a specific figure.


Read more about Primpy’s advices to discover the perfect jeans for you.


JOHN TRAVOLTA: if you belong to this category, you’re a man with a strong, impressive and voluminous figure, but generally it’s well-balanced. So, don’t change the equilibrium wearing tight or loose pants. Regular fit is better if you want to keep a visual harmony. Avoid any short or excessive lengths.

If your figure is slim but hips and belly are wide, you belong to MATTEO RENZI category. The best jeans are slightly loose and regular. So, a high-waist model is perfect to shape and contain fat folds. Avoid skinny fit pants that will make your legs look thinner but will highlight the abdomen.

If you look like DANNY DE VITO, to choose the appropriate jeans could be even easier. The figure generally is plump, not too tall but almost homogeneous. The best choice is a pair of dark jeans that will make you look slimmer. Count on elegance. Avoid patterned, colored or ripped pants. Forget about skinny fit.

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THE ROCK style man is triangle-shaped: broad shoulders and small waist. It’s the classic swimmer figure with a broad and lean chest and slim legs. Visually speaking, shoulders are the forte of a Big Jim man, they are out of proportion to the waist and legs look thinner. Perfect jeans are soft and slightly oversize. Tight fits or cigarette pants would highlight this disequilibrium and wouldn’t enhance the figure.

If you are lucky, you are a JAMES DEAN style man: slim, well-proportioned, visually harmonious. Your shoulders are broad as the waist. It’s the classic “beautiful figure” that everybody wants. Of course, the James Dean type can wear every kind of jeans and try different colors and fits. So, enjoy low-waist pants, patterns, patchwork, light shades, rips, skinny fit, boyfriend cut, vintage and even cuffs (the last ones are risky because the flooding effect is around the corner).

The MACAULAY CULKIN style man doesn’t know the word “fat”: he’s very thin, tall, borderline, with pointy but slim shapes. Light colors should be preferred because they will make you look less tiny, try drop crotch jeans or pants with big pockets on the bottom (to enhance the volume of your backside). Don’t wear tight trousers and avoid the Jack Skeleton effect.


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