Primpied by Luciano Russo

When fashion goes around the streets


Primpy goes to Taormina and tells you what you must have in your “Miss Sicily”

To each place, its traditions, and when we talk about Sicily there are many customs: for example, DON’T wear the same look twice with the same people…and of course neither the same shirt with the tiger for the umpteenth time.

Freud defined Sicily as “The most beautiful Italian region: an orgy of colors, scents, lights, a great pleasure” and I add even FASHION.

In the past, it inspired and struck down many artists, and fashion never avoided the magic shades of this island. The Sicilian style exported all over the world by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana was the main topic during the last weekend because haute-couture arrived in Palermo where the designers – like two children that got a lot – decided to return. Sicily has been a generous mother for them. MAJOR!

The crucial concepts of their work, #DGFAMILY and #SICILYISMYLOVE mixed together.

My land always forged and fed my philosophy of life, made of luxury and pleasure-loving lifestyle, from the ostentation to the respectable expression of social classism.

Because “the snob is the opposite of envious” and it isn’t a quote of mine, but it’s told many times by Tomasi di Lampedusa in “The Serval”.



In Sicily fashion is around the streets, between the majolica from Caltagirone and cloisters in Taormina, between the baroque churches and the squares of the towns.

Here, more than in any other part of Italy, you understand that to have a “cheap look” is a wrong look. There’s always an accessory or a detail you can add: embroideries, brooches, graphics and so on. MORE IS MORE, it’s clear and is what everybody wants to communicate.

If your partner invites you for a trip to Taormina…do you know what to put into your suitcase?

Primpy helps you, at least you won’t look like Enza Sessa at Hotel San Domenico in “Grande, grosso e Verdone”.


Where? At “lido la Caravella” of course. The swimsuit is important but the beachwear even more: lace and food is the fil rouge of each look and if it’s white you cannot get wrong.

The handmade will be your distinctive element: Primpymag always pays attentions to new trends and you can’t go to Sicily if you don’t have the “COFFA” (straw bag).

The ancient bag belonging to country tradition is the cult item of the season, also Balenciaga made it.

And I propose you the ones by “La Baronessa: collezione veleno”, because where the tradition meets the craftsmanship there’s Santa di Mauro, the creator of these wonderful bags.


sicilia, sicily


You have two options: with the swimsuit or without.

To me, the correct answer is just one: WITHOUT!

Have a shower, put the make-up on, change your look and go to the terrace at Belmond Grand hotel Timeo.

The beautiful view over Taormina is astonishing, but remember that to be beautiful for yourself is always the first rule, this is the secret of each real Sicilian woman.

By the way, someone could be enchanted by your beauty, because at the sunset diopters decrease and people miss the focus: you can’t pass from Malena to Nedda.

After all, “De gustibus non disputandum est”.

Therefore, be sexy but never vulgar, it seems to be easy but is the concept that most confuses everybody: to be seductive rely on (your) lips and accessories… Count on your best horses but be patient and don’t show off the entire stable. THERE ARE ALSO DINNER AND AFTER.


As Mike Bongiorno it’s time “to risk everything”, there are only three key-words you can use to take advantage and they aren’t “sun, heart and love” but: sartoriality, sensuality and sicilianity.

Silk, chiffon, corsets, tears, necklines, transparencies, heels: the impalpable seduction, more Arabian than Norman.

Once you picked the look, choose the restaurant, because “every outfit deserves to be honored”.

You have 3 options, dinner is always a huge enigma, but “the sphinx” will be always the crew of your “perfect strangers” tablemates:

  1. la Baronessa”, if and when your man wants to surprise you and makes you feel the best one…in every way, since the terrace of this restaurant overlooks the square and the main street.
  2. Tiramisù”, if you want to taste the famous “Sicilia in bocca”;
  3. l’arco dei cappuccini”, if you can’t resist the octopus headcheese and seafood.


Only one rule: Morgana is the place to be. It’s a melting pot of Sicilian traditions shaken with new trends in terms of design and mixology.

Well, sometimes even your rejects mix each other, who knows? Probably if you combine two knick-knacks, a bigger one arises. Often the uselessness is visible only when you put closer something (or someone!) similar.

You can drink, talk and flirt: more drinks, more decline. But bear in mind that the entrance must be more like Melania Trump…than like a trans.

Jewel yourself like Saint Agatha and show off EVERYTHING! (In Sicily, there are already too many structural abuses).

Follow the rhythm and remember that in Sicily “EVERYONE GREETS WITH HIS FLAT CAP!” or the bow tie and, in this case, if you ask Primpy #chiediaprimpy, have a look at the ones made by the potter  Carmen Cutuli.