Primpied by Federica Siddi


Hurry up! Style can’t wait


Spring holidays…coming soon? Well, open your trip map and circle London!

Young, dynamic and astonishing, the coolest city in England is ready to greet you with colors and liveliness!

London is really for everybody!

Give the extravagance the name of a Londoner street and get it dirty with vintage brush strokes; in a while you will be in Camden Town going around the small shops. If you love arts and history, the appointment is at 10 a.m. in front of the National Gallery or the British Museum. In the evening, enjoy your shopping time (in Oxford Street of course!), but promise to visit the Westminster district to appreciate the majestic Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.

Bear in mind that pubs are the forte of Anglo-Saxon cities, huge clubs in which rock, punk and good live music play on the dancefloor.

You know, in London the weather is variable: but darlings, don’t worry! We’ll give you some advices for the perfect suitcase and to survive in one of the rainiest metropoles in the world.

The umbrella is a must, trench is unavoidable. Play with the colors or have fun with details and fabrics. From the classic beige to denim or an oversize style, the outerwear is the main protagonist of the season.

And what about stripes?

For a cultural morning or a shopping day, you have to put on the must have of Spring 2017: ABSOLUTELY striped wide-leg trousers. The comfort is glamorous! The shirt could be white and light blue, naked shoulders and balloon sleeves will give your look a romantic touch.

If outside it’s rainy, no problem! Fight the dull day and wear the sun: trousers, t-shirts, pullovers.  Mustard-colored or amber, yellow will make you smile again. Put something white in your suitcase, a note of deep blue or something light pink and the outfit is done.

And it’s time for dinner, the password is plissé! A stylish pastel dress or a full skirt will be the best partner all night long. Don’t forget to pay attention to detail: earrings and rings become stronger and more shining.

What about the bag? In spring let’s combine business with…style! Backpacks, shoppers, handbags, haversacks, it doesn’t matter. Only proportions matter and need to be maxi, exaggerated, OVER!

Did you follow the instructions? Did you close the suitcase? Don’t miss the flight.

Have a nice holiday, see u soon!