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Items you can’t give up in next season


Are you ready to know more about the items you should keep in your fall wardrobe? Primpy tells you more!

Long, short, made of cotton or tricot, colored and with crazy graphics: these are the most beloved summer outfits, perfect to enjoy the weekend at the seaside and to respect fashion code even on the beach.

Casual dress, for sure one of the must have items of the season, helped us many times. Accessories are always basic: flat sandals and maxi bag. Summer wardrobe has the right answer to our questions and when fall is coming – let’s be honest – we are upset.

Every year we have to face the same trauma: saying goodbye to the favorite outfit is always sad.

But who said that we have to give up everything?

Stop the crisis and enjoy the “recycle”! (the best solution to avoid the end of summer depression).

What should we take off and keep in our fall wardrobe?

Here 5 summer must items we can put on even in fall-winter 2017.


It’s the must item par excellence, don’t forget about it! Vertical, horizontal and technicolor: let’s recycle! You will love stripes even in fall.


First rule: white is not only for summer. It’s the color of snow and in winter is très chic! From the cotton t-shirt to the wide-leg pants, until the temperature is mild, don’t give up your look.


It isn’t influenced by the season. From the jacket – perfect for chilly days in fall -, to the shirt you can match with soft shirts, or even the skirt you can wear with or without tights: denim makes us always happy and satisfied.


Do we really want to give up flowers just because it’s winter? Say yes to floral embroideries, nights out and romantic happy hours.

Frills and trims

For the most romantic girls, it’s time for revenge. Don’t take off frills and trims, use them to create your frou frou outfits.