Primpied by Luciano Russo


72 heated hours


Primpy tells you what can’t miss inside the It-girls’ suitcase

Primpy has always the good answer, even when there’s not a question. Mix the mood with the destination and you’ve just to scan the boarding pass.

When Peloponnesus calls, we have to reply, open the closet and create some looks ad hoc. If you read my posts it’s clear you’re a dreamer because my trips are really fabulous, luxury living is a mantra. It’s like when you open a box of macarons, you can’t stop eating them.

The perfect journey requires the perfect baggage.

If your look is wrong you could be even in the most beautiful castle in world but will be always prisoner of the net you are wearing.

Lovers come and go, but pictures last. So, think about when you will have to show your memories album, if you don’t have the right outfit, take a picture of the sunsets!

Well, each place has its style, but not only. Into the water or outside, it doesn’t matter if you feel Calliope, Calypso or Aphrodite…present on the stage the character you like most and steamroll the competitors.

In the night, a real It-boy goes around only with a driver, but during the day rent a scooter or a quad. There’s nothing better than to crazily run towards the sun, with the wind that caresses your skin.

Greco Philia boutique hotel, located on the cliff over Elia beach, offers luxury rooms with a view, a full-service spa, a swimming pool, a cocktail bar, a gourmet restaurant and so on.

It’s the perfect place for who travels in pair or for people that – like me – couple with the rosé champagne of the room service.

Who said that to enjoy the sunset from villa Degas (183 sqm), the place where I stayed, you need a partner?

If there’s a credit card, a personal waiter and some drinks, the result is the same but drags are less.

Belvedere hotel, located in Chora (Mykonos), is an elegant hotel with an amazing pool to look at the sunset and, above all a gorgeous gourmet restaurant. I strongly suggest you try the quinoa and the double chicken burger. We can say that Belvedere is the perfect place to go when you’re alone and would like to find someone, you can get some nice types there. Match the swimming pool with a Korean shirt by La Perla, a denim bag by Chanel and a pair of yellow crocus thongs by Hermès.

When you decide to go to the beach, there are many options.

Well, I think that the funniest ones are: Alemagou, more gipsy than Nammos (really posh!), from the super gay friendly Jackie’o to the awesome Sunday happy hour at Scorpios.

In any case, remember that the look ‘out of the sea’ is crucial, because in Mykonos each kind of Magnum is the only way to be hydrated, so the party starts very early.

Be always ready because at the sunset someone could ask you “do you want to marry me?”.

Sometimes it happens, well: ask for another drink and give him a drift boat, GO AWAY.

At the sunset, the vestals’ dance around the streets of the island happens, and it’s here that the real RISK begins.

High heels and plateau are forbidden, on the contrary jewel thongs, gladiators made of exotic leather, precious mules are more than welcome. So, say yes to flat shoes: it’s better.

The dresses must be majestic, made of precious but soft fabrics, with rich but not showy embroideries: therefore, the perfect mix & match is the one “get dressed like Croesus but think like Solon”.

Sea Satin is the place that I suggest you have dinner, it’ll be like eating in a timeless world close to the sea with the mill behind you. Food is delicious but the atmosphere is even better.

Greek music will begin as an accompaniment, in the end everybody will dance on the table: it’s a sort of Greek edition of “Anema e core”.

But “My big fat Greek wedding” goes on, because then you can go around and have a drink from the Astra to Monì, from Caprice to Toy room, from Jackie’o close to the port to Little Venice.

Come on, make your liver ready and take your will to have fun. But, above all, bring with you the desire to feel free, happiness is around the corner (probably at Balenciaga store).