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Primpied by Luciano Russo


How to dress at Pitti


Five trends by Primpy to dress at Pitti

The 92nd edition of Pitti Uomo reveals a world that is changing, ready to pick up the trendiest fashion vibes and turn them into innovative projects that look ahead.

The theme of the summer fair 2017 by Pitti Immagine is vital energy: macro flowers swarm the Fortezza being kindly powerful, raining over everything, cloaking the spaces, blossoming in artistic creations and digital icons, infecting the atmosphere with a mood that facilitates the birth of new ideas.

Floral theme will accompany the visitors during the summer tour at Pitti Immagine: bouncy flowerbeds, flying bouquets, enormous sculptures and kaleidoscopic colors will rule!

Don’t be unawares: the imperative at Pitti is BLOOMING!

And even if Miranda Priestly teaches us that “floral in spring means pure avantgarde”, is there something more beautiful than a flower?

It doesn’t matter if it’s by Gucci, Marras, Fendi, H&M or Zara, here five spring/summer 2017 trends that Primpy recommends you.

  1. DENIM like stink!

Destroyed, washed, baggy, oversize, it must be in your wardrobe. Men that don’t want to give up wearing jeans, should try the tailored denim made of Japanese canvas with contrasting topstitches and linings made of patterned cotton. The denim shirt matched with an unstructured checked jacket is strongly suggested for men. Women, say yes to denim for each item. Every pattern, every fit.

  1. TRACKPANTS, as the seasonal trends and influencers order.

For men, it’s perfect to create a sporty chic look with sneakers made of exotic leather, embroidered or any other luxury detail. Or, to be combined with a tailored jacket for a trendy look. For women, trackpants are very cool if matched with heeled-shoes and sweat socks, and super feminine and posh accessories to dull the sporty style.

  1. The SHIRT, one of the most recurring items at Pitti and in the streetstyle.

The shirt is good in any color, weft and fabric. It can be worn by men and women and the informal chic effect is always more than welcome. The most ambitious styling is for women that can use the shirt of their partner and do whatever they want: to add a belt, tie it, paint it, rip up it, enrich it with any kind of accessory.

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean style is loved by all people who want to be trendy.

Therefore, say YES to antique sterling silver rings, necklaces and wooden necklaces with stones, skulls, talisman but mainly…LUCKY CHARMS, because we always need more good fortune.


Pajamas, nightgowns, baby-dolls, slippers, the underwear for the first or the last wedding night. For many years, all garments that before were just in one room, have gained more square meters.

For men, the pj’s total look is allowed only if you are really hot, because the maniac effect is around the corner.

For women, only if you have a good figure, otherwise you risk highlighting your defects and becoming the NIGHTMARE for everybody meets you at Fortezza del Basso.

In both cases it’s crucial to choose the right accessories and shoes, otherwise it’s a jumble of styles.