Play with your wardrobe and be the cover star for one day!


PrimpyMag is the meeting point for fashion lovers and not only.

Fashion originates from people, and we are the answer to your questions.

If you think to have the right mix of style and personality, it’s your lucky day:

today spotlights are on you.



If you wake up, open your closet, don’t have any doubts about your outfit and on the contrary you have tons of answers (looks)…WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU.

If world is your red carpet, PrimpyMag gives you the opportunity to show your style.

Hedonism, narcissism or egomania…it doesn’t matter if you do it for yourself or to make someone else envious!

You can have the opportunity to see you, but mainly to BE SEEN ON THE COVER on the wall of our magazine.



How? It’s easy, like the bi-phase make up remover, follow the instructions:


Phase 1.


Take some photos with your most glamorous outfits or re-use a shot that best represents your style. Choose the most beautiful ones (pay attention to good quality and high resolution).


And even if we are the “selfies’ army”, this time they aren’t allowed.




Phase 2.


I could, I wanted, I had to, that’s the spiral that swindles you! Take the right decision: breathe and send.

How? You have 2 options (you won’t be always so lucky in your life!)


  • Share them on Instagram with the hashtag #PRIMPYSTYLE

  • Send them to


After that, wait and hope…and your wish will come true!

The editorial staff will carefully examine all pics and so will choose the outfits that will be featured on magazine covers.

P.S. Do you want to get noticed? Flood us with your looks!