Primpied by Chiara Tramatzu


Red lipstick


Sensuality is scarlet with Primpy.

Red like fire, passion, love, war, the lipstick par excellence is not a cliché.

It’s a seduction weapon and an everlasting icon of femininity and sensuality, the red lipstick, after a good mascara, is a must have item that every woman has to have in her beauty case.

We talk about the red lipstick like something holy that, full of pigments, traveled through time and, thanks to its various shades, exalted women’s lips in every era. In 2800 B.C., it was rediscovered inside the grave of the priestess Shub-ad, queen of the Sumerian city of Ur, a small golden pot containing a paste made of red powder and sesame oil, even with a little brush used to apply the product. Nevertheless, the history of this cosmetic passe-partout, made its name known in 1910 thanks to Roger & Gallet that produced the first lipstick, contained within a paper box and pushed out by a piston.

Pay attention, girls, because if you think that the red par excellence exists, you get wrong!

In fact, there are tons of shades made of various tones that create a continuous and harmonious spiral and that are able to be always innovative according to the season and the current trend.

For this reason, picking a red lipstick is not easy, above all for the nuances.

The secret to make your lips perfectly ruddy is choosing the color that most suits the tone of your lips.


If it tends to be purple, opt for cool tonalities with a note of blue, on the contrary, if your lip tends to be coral, it’s better to choose warm and orange nuances.

The second trick is very important, you have to contextualize your red without ignoring your skin tone and hair color.

Generally, warm shades suit better amber and olive skins or people with blonde hair, on the contrary cool tones enhance pale skin and dark hair.

Even teeth matter: red lipstick accents your lips. If you can’t count on healthy and white teeth, it’s better to opt for pastel shades that don’t emphasize and underline potential defects of your smile.

Moreover, remember that red is a strong color.

Choose a plain and natural make-up and don’t highlight the eyes.

In the end, don’t forget to moisturize the lips and use a high definition lip contouring pencil before you apply the lipstick. In this way, you avoid smears and can achieve a more precise and clean result.

So women, it’s time to grab your lipstick: Primpy helps you to revolutionize your lips!