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Primpied by Gaia Guarino


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Summer and sea outfit: nets, stripes and shells


A dive into the blue water? Primpy helps you to not drown in the bad taste

Summer is hot and because of a dive into the swimming pool and a walk on the beach, it seems there’s no more time to take care about the look. Are swimsuit and sarong enough? What a mistake! Fashion is never on holiday. Use everything surrounds you to be inspired and create your sea outfit. If you don’t know how to do it, ask Primpy #ChiediaPrimpy, of course!

Blue like the sky, white like the waves and yellow like the sun of July…and the Little Mermaid mood arises. If you are not agile like Ariel, avoid looking like a fish out of water when you show off your summer wardrobe. If you want to swim under the sea and not sink, Primpy gives you a life vest made of good taste and helps you to pick the ‘never without’ item to have always summer on top.

A real sea outfit requires three key elements that can be found in different colors, styles and accessories.

Are you ready to sail towards the treasure island?



Pretty sailor? You can’t climb on board without this must have item: the striped t-shirt. It’s the main element of a navy look, the white/blue navy (or burgundy) stripes perfectly match classic white pants and a pair of slip-on, ballerinas or sneakers. Primpy’s touch: a rope belt in neutral color (beige or ecru): hoist the sails!


The traditional mermaid bra made with two shells could be too much, but you can use them in many other ways. The sea outfit requires accessories made and decorated with these natural jewels. Necklaces, nacre earrings or corals, hair clips, shells and pearls on the bags, shoes and swimsuits. You can buy everything but Primpy suggests you be unique. Try to handmake your own bijoux putting together the shells found on the beach, try to sew or paste them on a straw bag for example. It’s easy and fun, in this way your accessories will be exclusive and customized.


Little fish, don’t be fooled! To trip over the net could be dangerous, it’s better to use it to create your summer look. How? Choose an open weave dress for the beach. Loose and soft, it’ll make visible your bikini. On the contrary, prefer a crochet one if you want to wear a long dress. Crochet is ideal to have a drink at the seaside, moreover it allows you to show off a cool look that clearly means ‘Yes, I’m on holiday’. Net could become even a sweater to avoid the summer breeze on your skin. Leave the shoulders pretty uncovered and coordinate it with a crop top and a pair of jeans or denim shorts. Baby, Primpy is watching you: net-bags are forbidden! Are you at the grocery store?!