Primpied by Luciano Russo


How to choose the perfect shoes


To each man his shoes 5×5

When you come back on the dance floor, you have the feeling that you forgot the steps but the music is always the same. From the break at the office to the moments in which you meander, from the moment in which you leave the gym to the one in which you just look at the people around you at the club. Faux pas are around the corner, mainly in this season in which socks could be the cause of unforgivable men’s mistakes.

TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT SHOES is more difficult than:

  • To find a man that say I love you and then leave you at the altar;
  • To have an apartment in front of the Duomo with a fixed rent;
  • To think that after a bad experience another one won’t arrive;
  • The scrooge becomes generous.

But over the years I created an Aristotelian syllogism, the perfect man has the perfect shoes in the perfect situation.

And even if this year we’re luckier because since two seasons flip-flops and canvas shoes have been used in the city like on the promenade in Saint Tropez, bear in mind that if shoes are cheap, nothing good will happen. And I give you an advice:

It’s the right moment to TAKE A STEP BACK!

Probably you wonder how I understood it…it’s easy: shopping over the years, more than 200 pairs of shoes and countless horrors that leapt out at me and I immediately noticed.

Primpy knows it and so do I, in addition to shoes men have to deal with another big drama: THE SOCKS. And if you are one of those people who say: I don’t care, I’ve other qualities to show off…, please say it to “Cinde-fuckin-rella”, quoting Pretty Woman.

The GOLDEN rule of socks is LET’S BURN WHITE SOCKS AT THE STAKE. Men must wear long and dark socks, so black, blue or charcoal grey, both for a formal look and for a casual one.

The color of socks MUST BE matched with the color of shoes taking into consideration also the colors of other clothes like trousers, jacket, shirt, etc.


During the warm season socks tend to fly away but they should be ALWAYS present if you put on the lace up shoes with the classic suit. Even if summer is burning you, trash the acrylic suit rather than make this mistake. Your score would be 0- -, without any possibility to have an additional chance.

AVOID wearing shoes that have consumed laces and heels and DON’T put on always the same pair just because they’re comfortable. Comfort is an overestimated concept.


They’re perfect both with jeans and tight pants, if you put them on with socks they aren’t the shoes for you. These shoes stand out the ankle and it’s BETTER if they’re precious. Ideal for a date, a party (and to have dinner with me).


Just one condition, ONLY IF YOU HAVE NICE FEET and even in the death house you have time for pedicure. Appearance matters, the shoes have a crucial role to determine the first impression and then the final opinion. If you wear sandals to go to the restaurant in the night, probably you should take into consideration the idea to become a fakir, hoping that you will fall in from top to toe. IT IS INTOLERABLE.


This is the trend that everybody followed, even I that love loafers. They are perfect both at the office and for a night-out, but please choose the right size and with a nice sole. The more they’re deluxe, the more you say about your personality.


The name perfectly explains their purpose and the concept is always the same, under 30 #ungraded, it’s a joke!

Be happy with these advices, shoes are an unalienable human right, for everything else…#chiediaprimpy!