Primpied by Alexandra Amico


Slip dress like an It-girl?


It’s easy if ask Primpy #ChiediAPrimpy!

Do you want to go around dressed in a slip dress? Primpy will let you do it.

Courtney Love and Kate Moss used to wear it in the ‘90s, Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton made it fashionable again and now it’s loved by bloggers and models.

The silky fabric that covers the body and the thin straps make it a sexy and feminine dress, a seduction weapon. The risk to look vulgar is around the corner, but don’t worry: Primpy is ready to help you.



The dress, the wrong choice

The length? It doesn’t matter! It’s all about the color. The slip dress can be mini, knee-length or long but showy colors must be avoided. So, forget about fuchsia or purple shades that will make your dress ‘cheap’.

Avoid a “too hot” look

Since the dress is very sensual, don’t exaggerate. High wedge heels and flashy rhinestone jewels won’t make your outfit more precious, on the contrary you will look perfect for a strip club in Las Vegas.

Mistakes to avoid

Pay attention to the underwear! Don’t show your bra, it’s absolutely out.

sottoveste, slip dress


The dress, the right choice

To pick the right color is crucial. This dress is beautiful because it’s plain, so accent this characteristic and choose classic colors like black, grey, burgundy and nude tones. Yes to embroideries!

The perfect ‘90s style look

Bear in mind the main rule: to de-emphasizes! Make the slip dress as versatile as possible and match it with ordinary and daily items. Combine it with a denim jacket and white sneakers, enhance the rock influence with a leather jacket and black bikers’ boots. If you don’t want to give up the heels, choose a pair of basic sandals. The ideal jewels are chokers and simple chains.

“Technical problems”, the solution

If the neckline is too deep, put a basic white t-shirt under the dress. It’s the ‘90s style.



Dress Helmut Lang

DO: jacket J Brand, bag Balenciaga, shoes Topshop, choker GIVENCY

DON’T: jacket Victoria Beckham, bag Roger Vivier, shoes Stella McCartney, necklace Giuseppe Zanotti