Primpied by Roberta Demolli


Intensity, not heaviness


Many times, my clients refused Smokey eyes make up because they considered it suitable for the night, heavy, just for special occasions. And it was difficult to change their mind. This year the most famous designers together with the beauty companies have been able to show the Smokey in a new light. It’s always so much dreaded and loved.

During S/S 2017 our make-up will be characterized by different effects as the monochrome and various colorings: either warm and dull shades of lilac and claret or the iridescent and metallic shades of copper red, bronze and brown.


Every time the choice falls on our natural colors. Fortunately, the brown tonalities (copper, golden and bronze) match both the typical tones of brunettes and the ones of fair and light-skinned girls. In this way, the lighter eyes will stand out and the dark eyes will have a warmer natural hue!


This make-up is perfect for all eye shapes and is mainly recommended to girls who have very big and round eyes and want to make them thinner and mysterious. My suggestion is to begin using just one or two colors shades in order to become acquainted. Apply the first and darker color only on the eyelid very close to the eyelashes. Then soften it with a large and soft make-up brush. After that, apply the lighter color on the rest of the eyelid almost up to the eyebrows and, with a clean brush, soften the first color with the second one to create the right shade.

To realize it step by step, I suggest you the Video tutorial MAC Cosmetics.