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Don’t ‘waist’ your time

From the gym to the city

Leggings, sweaters and microfiber t-shirts. Everything’s perfect if you’re at the gym ready to workout, sweat and get fit. Sporty look, yes but be moderate! If you like being cozy even outside the panic room with steps and barbells, create a practical and comfortable outfit but with style.

Every place has its dress code, it’s Where & Wear philosophy. No exception for the gym. What you dress is important to maximize the efficacy of your workout and for this reason high-tech clothes are perfect to lift weights and tone your butt squatting down. The ideal sporty look never forgets about fashion. The era in which you were used to recycle old, faded and – even worse! – advertising t-shirts to run is over. If you don’t want to cramp your style at CrossFit class, remember to modernize your wardrobe. Zumba class could be one of the meanest moments in your sporty career, if you put on a tracksuit bought in 1994 the situation can only get worse.

But what happens when the sporty look is showed off in a different context? The step from the gym to the city is very short and faux pas are always around the corner. No one forbids casual outfits and no one forces you to put on high-heeled shoes h24, but it’s crucial to avoid looks that are more than errors, they’re horrors. The secret to live blithely your city life is to bring under control the instinct that screams leggings & sneakers and listen to the good-taste fairy who motivates you for being casual and never shabby.

Hybrid sporty clothing, here the great idea.

Jeans and hoodies, leggings matched with a silky maxi blouse, miniskirts and sneakers to have an American cheerleader style. Enjoy the accessories, like, for example, a sporty bag, a cap and, if you miss the ‘90s, even the tennis wristbands.

Remember that your sporty look reflects personality and character. For this reason, forget about black and grey and dare with fluorescent colors and patterns.

sporty lookThe stars Made in Italy but even more the international ones, know well how to play with their outfits and be always impeccable. To travel around the world, do shopping or live their days as VIP mums, celebrities never give up comfort: so, ‘yes’ to trendy running shoes, crop tops and (almost) always fake-messy pony tails.

In any case, even if your sporty look won’t be like the Rihanna’s one, it’s enough to respect three easy rules: 

  1. Let’s burn soft colors and transparent leggings at the stake! If you have no more wood for the fireplace, now you know what you can use next winter!
  2. Sporty bra doesn’t replace the common bra. Unless you endlessly run a marathon, wear balconettes and push-up under the shirt.
  3. ‘80s are over and the acetate tracksuit is a crime both inside and outside the gym. As the proverb goes…forewarned is forearmed.