Primpied by Alexandra Amico


Straw bags, from the beach to the city


Primpy always pays attention to new trends and there isn’t any outfit that Primpy cannot suggest, even when it’s about to bring the sea to the city.

The straw tote bag was the main talking point when Melania Trump came to Taormina; the First Lady, in fact, watched the Sicilian artisans make a bag. She wore her perfect Dolce&Gabbana look that suited the Sicilian mood.

The straw tote bag, in Italian called coffa, is a typical accessory that belongs to Sicilian style; nowadays it is decorated and became a glamorous accessory.

Designers propose not only the classic basket bag but also other shapes and dimensions: purse bag, cross body bag, handbag, maxi or mini are no longer beach bags but real it-bags.




The bag, the wrong choice

A famous quote by Iris Apfet says: “More is more and less is a bore”. And when we talk about bags it is almost always true: the bag makes your look. If you want that your coffa is considered an it-bag, forget about basic models.

The look to avoid in the city

Even if the straw bag makes you feel like on the beach surrounded by white sand, palms and with a piña colada in your hands, unfortunately I’ve to interrupt your daydreams.

When you go around the city beachwear, hot-pants and crop-tops are forbidden; the same rule is valid for the ethnic jewels and maxi hats. Pay attention to your outfit and don’t match something too stylish with the basket bag.

The beach look not for the beach

And now you’re finally on the beach, enjoy it and leave at home sheath dresses, clothes made of chiffon and rhinestone.


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The bag, the right choice

Everybody knows that details make a difference, for straw bags it’s a mantra. Handles or leather lock, floral embroideries, pompons, tassels or eccentric colors: decorations make the bag special.

Look and the city

Pick a color coordinated with a detail of the bag and create your look. Choose basic but showy items, like a classic soft silk shirt matched with a pleated skirt with delicate graphics. What about your footwear? Say yes to flats like ballerinas.

The beach look

Over your swimsuit, total black transparent dresses or total white crochet ones create the right contrast that makes more visible the straw bag.