Primpied by Roberta Demolli


Spray products, Light products

It’s important to take the right swimsuit for our holidays and it’s important even to choose the products we’ll bring with us during summer trips. Don’t underestimate the efficacy of few products that can improve the quality of our skin when we’re on vacation. It’s the best way to avoid any problem caused by the sun, water and salt when we’ll back home.

As regards our face, a good solution is the Thermal Spring Water. I’ve used it for years and not only in summer. The potentialities of this product are pretty unknown but really efficient and once you tried it, you’ll need it forever!

Mysterious properties of Thermal Water

We are talking about a product that few people in the past took into consideration. Nowadays, on the contrary, it’s really used especially in the make-up field to prepare the skin before make-up and to fix it, in order to avoid the make-up fixer: the result is good even for the most sensitive skins.

For sure, its common usage is to hydrate and refresh the face during the day, above all when we need it more. You can use it even in the morning to cleanse your face, or in the evening after you removed make-up, moreover it’s perfect on the beach! After a swim into the salt water, it’s pleasant to use it to clean your face and take off the salt that terribly dries the skin.

To get a perfect fixing and a more specific effect

You can choose among many different vaporizers. I suggest you the ones with a sun protection factor (SPF) especially if, because of the heat, you don’t want to apply a sunscreen that will make you sweat: spray, in this case, is a good option.

But if our aim is to get a more specific product, rebalancing sebum control or make-up fixing for example, in the first case we should take into consideration the so-called Facial Mists. They’ve more specific characteristics than Thermal Water, in fact its main qualities are soothing, moisturizing and refreshing.

In the second case, on the contrary, it’s better to rely on the Fixers.

Travel Size

Everybody knows how it is difficult to deal with a super full suitcase, so for summer holidays and travels in general, I suggest you have always some Travel Size products. Not only toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo and beauty items, but even the Thermal Spring Water, in order to hold it in your bag.