Primpied by Alexandra Amico


The right outfit can do miracles.

Done! After many procrastinations, you enrolled at the gym. Against expectations you’re going assiduously and are satisfied by the results. You are focused on your aim: to put on a bikini and look perfect. So, are you used to go out wearing something cozy randomly found in the closet? To be honest, following few hints, you could be the most glamourous of the gym. On the contrary, if you – like me – are still in the phase “I should start working out but…”, the right look could be a perfect incentive!

First rule: avoid mixing too many fluorescent colors, lots of color shades for tights but I suggest you prefer black leggings with colored and transparent details; vertical stripe patterns are the best because they accent your body shape in the proper way.

sporty look gymIf you want to shock everybody, substitute a sporty bra for a maxi sweater with the zip, as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid teach us; if you haven’t their abdominals (come on!) wear a mesh top that will make your sporty bra visible but will cover part of your body.

A patterned bomber jacket is perfect to give the look a note of color, as a backpack instead of the standard bag.

Use high-tech running shoes only for training, there are many collaborations between designers and sporty brands that propose exclusive sneakers that you will love immediately.

sporty look gym