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For your underwear, ask Primpy!


Sexy, but stylish

Bodysuit, bra, pajamas, babydoll, gown, etc., bedroom outfit is ready. Underwear, mainly for women, is essential. Many girls grew up following the rule of their mums: match always your underwear because, you never know, so to take care of the colors is a sort of religion.

We spent lots of sleepless nights thinking about that ‘you never know’: what should have happened to make so relevant panties and bra? Various interpretations, here the Primpy’s one: our underwear is no more hidden but, on the contrary, it shows itself.

Well, few years ago it could be scandalous, nowadays daring transparencies and boudoir outfits – even to attend a cocktail party –, are fashionable.

Vulgar? Never if your look is created with style and delicacy. To avoid falling over banal mistakes and snagging on the laces of your bustier, ask Primpy! #ChiediaPrimpy

Why should you conceal your precious underwear when, at least to justify the purchase, you can proudly show it off?

The bodysuit:

we are not talking about an ordinary bodysuit but about the sexiest one, the black lace bodysuit. It’s one of the traditional seduction weapons and leaves the underwear drawer to be worn under the jacket. The basic rule is that the outerwear is in contrast in order to make well visible the real protagonist of the outfit.

Bra & bustier:

colored, total black, decorated. Bra grabs the spotlight! Create your look with a blouse made of light and transparent fabric to realize an ‘almost hidden’ effect. Primpy’s touch? If you want to add a vintage note and look like a pin-up, choose a bustier with bows and make it visible under a slim fit shirt matched with a knee-length stretch skirt. Hello, baby!


from the boudoir to the street, but wisely. Fashion system legitimized babydolls even outside the bedroom, to abuse harms the elegance. Pick a mini-dress that makes you a sophisticated Lolita, say no to daring necklines and above all select the right accessories. Nothing too showy: avoid wedge heeled shoes, prefer mid heels and pale shades. Be your romantic version.


it is the guardian of your best underwear; the gown is the perfect finishing of your night outfit. What happens when this item is used even in the morning? The well-known trench-coat gown is evergreen, but fashion dares more. After the pajamas style of last summer, the new trend is the gown. Silky – sexy and ideal for the boudoir – and coordinated with a lace shirt, oriental according to the Japanese style or even like the one used in the bedroom or in a luxury resort. Wear it always with high-heeled shoes to look slimmer. Flats are allowed only if you are taller than 1.80 m. Primpy dixit!