Primpied by Roberta Demolli


Warm days no problem


Always perfect in every situation

Every year sun and water are the traditional partners in crime to enjoy the summer. Days at the swimming pool, at the lake side or at the beach, give us a gorgeous skin tone and make the skin more beautiful and smooth, so we can apply less make-up on the face. Yes, less but good.

Because of the increasing demand of waterproof products appropriate to suntan, almost all major brands created this kind of summer items to offer a wider selection. In this way, nobody has to give up her usual cosmetic brand.

Lightness and protection on your face for the right exposure

Face-care products with the sun protection factor are crucial helper. If you can’t say no to the make-up for having a walk or drinking a cocktail in the sun, buy Waterproof cosmetics or the ones with the Sun protection factor (SPF). You will avoid solar skin spots, that unfortunately won’t disappear anymore.

During the warm season, I strongly suggest you water-based products instead of oily or with silicon ones. In this way skin can breathe, the aqueous part dries and a thin layer of color rests on the skin to make the tone uniform. FACE & BODY products are perfect. You could even choose glowing powders and face powders in general, also if I think that, because of the sweat, they are not long-lasting.

Don’t underestimate mascara and eyeliner

Distrust long-lasting mascaras if you will go bathing and sweat a lot. In this case, trust Waterproof products to avoid the classic Panda effect after your swim. The rule is valid even for the eyeliners that need to be “tattoo effect”. Eye-shadows change in summer and so it’s better to use the creamy ones, just them or combined with the powder ones. We can try metallic and iridescent effects that accent the suntan and the color of the eyes. Apply the creamy color with your fingers and make it dry before to open the eye again. You’ll avoid unpleasant wrinkles.

The mat effect we loved last winter will be with us even in summer.

Colors change, bright shades – as fruits and popsicles – arrive. Is it possible to not give up a perfect lips color without giving up a delicious ice-cream? The answer is long-lasting. Creamy with a mat effect or a pen for the tattoo effect, the long-lasting lipstick can’t be just a gloss.