Primpied by Helena Antonelli


Will & Grace, one of the most successful series in the ’90, will come back in autumn.


In the meantime, Primpy deals with the look of the two stars of the sit-com: Grace Adler and Karen Walker.

Yes, it’s true! The famous series produced by NBC, Will & Grace, will come back on TV next fall after eleven years from the last episode. Twelve new episodes and the same cast: Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes. The director is James Burrows again.

Will & Grace has been more than a TV show, it legitimized homosexuality on TV using a comic style, never over the top. The strengths of this series were Grace and her being naive about love, Karen (Megan Mullally) and her yelling and the new way to talk about homosexuality. On one hand Will, a gay lawyer, and Grace, an interior designer with curly red hair; on the other hand, Karen, very rich and always over the top, and Jack, a gay daydreamer guy full of energies. Eleven years ago, it was the last time that Will and Grace lived together, Karen drank a vodka Martini and Jack played a monologue.

But now on Primpy it’s time to talk about look!


Karen Walker vs Grace Adler

Karen Walker is Grace’s assistant characterized by a shrill voice. Cynic, snob and politically incorrect. Alcohol and amphetamines are her biggest passion. In addition to drink, her favorite hobby is making fun of Grace because of the size of her bra (too small) and her choices about clothes and men. She got married for times, thanks to one of her husbands she became really rich. Even if she appears very odd, Karen’s look is always perfect. She’s shopaholic and wears only designer dresses: Chanel, Hermès and Louis Vuitton, for example. Sexy and fashionable, she likes to accent her breast, one of her strengths. So, she prefers shoulder-length haircuts and high hairdos. Her must have item is the sheath dress, super tight and with a deep neckline. Her weakness? Accessories!

Grace Elizabeth Adler , designer d’interni dalla personalità  esplosiva. Vive a New York con il suo amico gay Will Truman: è ebrea, ha la reputazione di innamorarsi solo di omosessuali e vuole avere sempre ragione. Tra i due, nella coppia, è quella che ci mette l`estro, il brio. La testa matta, insomma.

Ma in fatto di look, secondo Karen, lascia un po’ a desiderare. Grace è per natura insicura su ogni scelta che fa. I suoi outfit sono comodi: bluse lineari e molto semplici e pantaloni leggermente a campana. Ama osare con delle gonne a tubo, magari con spacco laterale. Il suo punto forte? Ovviamente la chioma rossa, terribilmente sexy!