Primpied by Omar Bertasi


Boys are afraid but men want her.

The desire to be unconventional is common and when we say unconventional, it’s mainly about concept and research of a transgressive personal style.

The woman with the classic feminine standards becomes an androgynous seduction weapon with economic and literary power. Boys are afraid but men want her. Even if sometimes this person doesn’t have any precise sexual preferences, she loves beauty and so adorns her allure with elegant and never banal things, she doesn’t exaggerate. SHAVED woman is minimal and essential. Her hair, for example, is shaved. Another option is a geometric hair cut that can be combed only using gel. Also interpersonal relationships are affected by this ambiguous and decisive influence.



Since we are talking about an extreme look, you should know that this style is not for all of course. From the geometric shape of the face, that you can’t hide without hair, to the personality. Esthetically speaking, only a few people are allowed to adopt this style, even less if we take into consideration the emotional issue. For a woman, being without hair could be harmful especially if she, even unconsciously, is not self-confident. In fact, every woman with this look gives off self-assurance and masculine strength. So, it’s a disposition, not a choice.

Fashion tips:

  1. To be really chic don’t forget about make-up: it must be always well-finished mainly the skin tone. Perfect skin, that’s the rule.
  2. If your face is too thin, you can add a pair of earrings. Because of no hair, they will be highlighted too, so pick something minimal.
  3. Short or shaved hair + sexy and stylish outfit: that’s the perfect match. Mermaid gowns with weightless fabrics, deep necklines and heeled-shoes make these women beautiful like a Goddess.
  4. In the morning, the best choice is to coordinate shirts with sheath skirts or high-waist pants.

When you need to know more about fashion and style and really want to adopt this powerful look, PRIMPY is here to help you.

Femininity must be predominant, and if you don’t get wrong, you can show off even a touch of haughtiness that you gained thanks to this brave fashion choice.