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To each zodiac sign, its color. 

Are you ready to discover which is the color of your personality? Primpy will reveal it!

Tell me your zodiac sign and I’ll tell you your color. Yes, because colors are able to influence our lives and habits. And astrology is used to associate a color to each star sign. 

Did you know that each sign has peculiar characteristics? Colors, in fact, help us to define our lives, our habits and our feelings and, each of them assumes a specific meaning related to personality and zodiac sign. 

On Primpy, here all the zodiac colors:

Aries – golden. It’s the color of the Sun, wisdom and knowledge. It pushes away any fear and gives energy. 

Taurus – green. It’s the color of the nature. It infuses calmness and tranquility, and is able to restore our inner equilibrium. 

Gemini – yellow. It’s a bright and lively color able to spread happiness, like people under the Gemini sign. It stimulates the intellectual side of the brain, makes everything clearer and increase the ability to judge. 

Cancer – white. Limpid and the purest one (probably someone will find faults with it). It’s protective, brings peace and wellness.  

Leo – orange. It inspires energy, creativity and happiness. It pushes away bad emotions, so it’s the perfect mood-enhancing! 

Virgo – brown. It’s the color of the ground and pushes away the uncertainties. People under the Virgo sign are balanced, realistic and careful. 

Libra – pink. Pink is the color of emotions. It spreads protection, kindness and love.  

Scorpio – red. Power and ambition. It’s a color able to instill self-confidence, courage and vitality, but at the same time it could imply even bad emotions like anger, impatience and unconventionality. 

Sagittarius – fuchsia. Fuchsia is a color able to pushes away sad and negative feelings and for this reason it’s associated to Sagittarius. In fact, people under this sign spread tranquility and serenity. 

Capricorn – black. Black is the color of the mystery. It infuses silence, infinite but also loneliness and isolation. Capricorn loves inner life. 

Aquarius – grey. Grey is often associated to independence and self-sufficiency because people under the Aquarius sign are able to defend themselves by external influences. Balanced and generous, but even independent and evasive. 

Pisces – blue. Blue is a lively and calm color able to spread tranquility and protection. It helps to control the mind, have clear ideas about life and be creative. 

Have you ever thought to create your outfit according to “zodiac colors”? Enjoy the la gallery!